“Antibacterial surfaces”: Tecna Next webinars to resume on 27 January


Colorobbia, Microban and Metco will be participating in the next webinar organised for by Ceramic World Web. The event will be livestreamed on 27 January in Italian and on 28 January in English

Following the success of the first event held last December, the series of technical webinars organised for the Tecna Next platform by Ceramic World Web and Ceramic World Review is set to resume.

The next event, entitled “Safe Ceramics: Antibacterial Surfaces”, will take stock of the latest and most innovative technologies for the production of ceramic tiles and slabs with antibacterial properties, a product segment that is currently seeing a big increase in demand.

The event will be held on Tecna Next in two livestreaming sessions:

During the event, Colorobbia, Microban and Metco will present the results of their latest research in this field.

Laura Niccolai (Colorobbia) will discuss the characteristics of the new patented metallic silver-based products to be applied either in the form of a coating prior to the ceramic tile firing phase (Parnasos IG) or directly during the glaze grinding process (IGEA).

Giorgio Rimini from Microban Europe, a company that has been developing built-in antibacterial technologies for ceramic surfaces since 2006, will discuss the benefits of long-lasting antimicrobial surface protection provided by Microban solutions and will offer guidance on the various international standards.

Graziano Vignali, chairman and head of research at Metco, and Claudio Casolari will describe the methods of use and the results that can be achieved with NOBacter 05, a technology that incorporates active antibacterial centres into the ceramic body in order to make the antibacterial action permanent for the product’s entire lifetime.

Laura Niccolai

Giorgio Rimini
Microban Europe
Graziano Vignali
               Claudio Casolari

The subsequent webinars

The January webinar will be followed on 10 and 11 February by a new event devoted to “Developments in ceramic surface finishing”, where leading companies in the sector, including BMR, Premier and Unilin Technologies, will present their latest technological innovations designed to ensure more efficient finishing processes and higher quality ceramic materials.

Webinar programme
(the dates may change)

  • 27 -28 January
Safe ceramics: Antibacterial surfaces
  • 10 - 11 February
Developments in ceramic surface finishing
  • 3 - 4 March
Digital factory 1: From remote support to remote testing
  • 17 - 18 March
Digital factory 2: 100% digital ceramic surfaces
  • 7 - 8 April
Digital factory 3: Increasingly smart logistics
  • 21 - 22 April
Sustainability 1: Green technologies and processes in ceramics
  • 5 - 6 May
Sustainability 2: Energy saving
  • June
Technical innovations for sanitaryware production
  • June
New raw materials for innovative ceramic products
  • July
The future of body preparation
  • July
Technical innovations for brick and roof tile production

All the webinars in the programme will host leading brands in their respective fields, including BMR, Cefla Finishing, Colorobbia, EFI, Esmalglass, FM, I-Tech, LB, Metco, Microban, Premier, Sacmi, Solar, System Ceramics and Unilin Technologies.