Ceramic bodies: new raw materials and preparation technologies


A new appointment with the “Ceramics: What’s next?” series of technical webinars will be held on 30 June. The event will focus on the latest developments in ceramic bodies, from the new materials that compose them to the most innovative raw materials handling technologies. We will talk to experts from LB, Sacmi, Esmalglass-Itaca, Colorobbia, Lamberti and Breton. The event will be livestreamed at 2.30 p.m. on 30 June (in Italian) and at 10.00 a.m. on 1 July (in English)

The next webinar in the “Ceramics: what’s next?” series organised by Ceramic World Web and Tecna Next will be entitled “Ceramic bodies: new raw materials and preparation technologies”. The ninth webinar in the series, it will provide an overview of some of the latest technologies for processing raw materials and preparing ceramic bodies, with particular attention to the most innovative body materials (pigments, ceramic frits, inclusions and plasticisers) capable of adding aesthetic and technical value to ceramic tiles and slabs.

The webinar will as usual be held in two livestreaming sessions:

The webinar will consist of six talks.

Lorenzo Battaglioli from LB Officine Meccaniche will begin the session devoted to plant engineering with a discussion of two issues. The first is the importance of correctly dosing the raw materials to be sent to the milling process; the second is how to treat ceramic waste for reuse in the production process in keeping with the principles of the circular economy.

Next, Simone Casadio and Stefano Maretti from Sacmi will offer an interesting overview of the role and services of the modern ceramic laboratory, which is tasked with analysing and predicting the behaviour of ceramic bodies and individual raw materials. The two speakers will also explain how to use the Smart Powder Plant to optimise all steps in the process, from the recipe to the spray-dried powder bed.

The next topic of discussion will be materials. In his talk on ultrablack and ultrawhite bodies for ceramic slabs, Alfredo Orlandi (Esmalglass-Itaca) will discuss different solutions to issues that typically affect the tile body. In particular, he will explain how the use of innovative pigments, newly developed ceramic frits and inclusions increases the aesthetic value of the finished product. 

Remaining on the subject of super-white bodies, Massimo Lameri from Colorobbia will describe the technical characteristics of Luxwhite glass-ceramic frits, which contribute to creating high-quality aesthetic finishes. The first company to develop body frits more than twenty years ago, Colorobbia provides a complete technical service for industrial production of these bodies.

In the next talk, Massimiliano Ansaloni (Lamberti) will introduce the topic of tougheners/plasticisers for ceramic bodies and present the new Tenagreen series. In particular, he will describe the Tenagreen S range designed to improve the flexibility of large size tiles and ceramic slabs, with results that are both achievable and measurable.

The final talk in the webinar will be given by Fabiano Gazzola from the Breton Institute of Technology, a research centre engaged in the development of ceramic technologies and innovative materials. Gazzola will present BretonStone Eterial CK, a super-light panel that can be applied to extra-thin slabs to expand their fields of application.