Fila Technological Observatory: synergies in the end-of-line stage


Fila, BMR and Vetriceramici were speakers at the conference “Surfaces and technology come together in the end-of-line stage” held on 23 November in Modena

The Technological Observatory 2018 organised by Fila, a longstanding Padua-based company specialising in chemical products for the treatment of ceramic and stone surfaces, was held on 23 November at the Acimac headquarters in Modena. Entitled “Surfaces and technology come together in the end-of-line stage”, the event provided an opportunity to meet leading ceramic companies based in the Sassuolo area and discuss the importance of surface finishing and treatment in ceramic tile production. This final stage of the production process is essential for a top-quality product, particularly in the case of large slabs.

In his opening address, Fila’s CEO Francesco Pettenon gave an overview of the ceramic and stone market. Well aware of the many different product and process variables involved, Fila teamed up with another two key players in the supply chain, BMR (speakers were Marco Sichi and Matteo Immovilli) and Vetriceramici-Ferro (represented by Cecilia Corradini), emphasising the importance of a synergistic approach to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market. This concept was emphasised by Prof. Paolo Zannini from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, who explained that carefully coordinating grit, decoration and vitreous layer applications with mechanical and chemical treatments is vital for guaranteeing the aesthetic quality of ceramic slabs.

The final speech was given by Denis Tessaro, head of the Fila’s Tech BU, and his colleague Maria Soranzo, R&D Manager, who discussed technical issues regarding the use of Fila treatments. As well as protecting from dirt and stains, these treatments give the surfaces a long-lasting glossy finish.

Read the article published on Ceramic World Review 129/2018