First stone laid for the new Durst headquarters in Brixen

Christoph Gamper, CEO of Durst Group

Officially launched at the cornerstone laying ceremony held on 26 May, expansion work has begun on the Durst headquarters in Brixen, a futuristic project that will perfectly reflect the company’s international image.

A new building will house the exclusive Innovation Centre, a modern showroom and the Group’s central management offices. Designed by architects Patrik Pedò and Juri Pobitzer from the practice Monovolume, the project involves the architectural and functional integration of the new structure with the existing facility built back in 1963 by architect Othmar Barth. Pedò and Pobitzer drew inspiration from the existing building to create a flat wing structure that rises to a height of 35 metres via a six-floor tower.

The façade of the new building, which is directly linked to the historical site, features an organically-shaped pixel design that immediately brings to mind the idea of photography and digital printing and gives the entire building a distinctive identity. The new headquarters will cover a surface area of 21,388 m2 along with 2,800 m2 of green space. It will use a total of 5,000 m3 of concrete, 430,000 kg of steel and 2,600 m2 of glass.

"As the world leader in the production of inkjet printing systems for industrial applications, Durst is recognised for its innovative capacity in a range of sectors and in all continents", said Christoph Gamper, CEO of Durst Group when discussing the group’s future strategies: "Over the next few decades we will see the Group evolve from a specialist in digital printing on a range of media to a supplier of complete solutions from image and data acquisition through to printing and surface decoration, including the development of proprietary workflow software, ink development and constant implementation of pre- and after-sales services."