Focus Ceramica 2021: SBS training course for ceramic technicians


The SBS training school has launched a new training course focusing on the ceramic production process for technical staff working at ceramic companies.

The Focus Ceramica 2021 training course organised by SBS (Acimac training school) is due to be held entirely on-line from January to April 2021 and will cover a range of topics from grinding and body preparation through to shaping, drying and firing, glazing and decoration, defect analysis, quality control and international standards.

The previous course held in 2018/2019 was attended by more than 200 production, quality, service and maintenance managers and technicians, heads of department and R&D laboratory technicians working in the Italian ceramic industry. Based on this experience, the new course has been designed taking account of specific suggestions and requests and includes special focus sections devoted to the production and quality control of large size tiles and slabs.

Focus Ceramica 2021 consists of seven training modules of about 60 hours each, organised in cooperation with lecturers from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and several leading companies in the sector: Sacmi, ICF Welko, LB Officine Meccaniche, SITI B&T, System Ceramics, Gabbrielli, Modena Centro Prove, Eurofilter, Gape Due and Esmalglass Itaca.

Upcoming modules:

  • Shaping of ceramic tiles and large slabs (26, 28 January)
  • Drying and firing of ceramic tiles and large slabs (16, 18, 23 February)
  • Glazing and decoration of large slabs: digital application of wet and dry glazes/engobes, inks and grits (2, 4 March)
  • Defect analysis of ceramic tiles: glazing, decoration, drying, firing (16, 18 March)
  • Process and product checks: when and how to perform them, how to manage them (30 March, 1 April)
  • International technical standards for ceramic tiles (13, 15 April)

For further information, contact: Luisa Savigni ([email protected]).