Next - Things. People. Cities: a trendwatching event from Tosilab


A trendwatching event organised by Tosilab and the municipality of Fiorano Modenese was held in Spezzano castle on 5 October.

More than 100 people took part in a conference entitled Next - Things. People. Cities. held in Spezzano castle (province of Modena) on 5 October and organised by Tosilab and the municipality of Fiorano Modenese.

The trend talk discussed future trends in the world of surfaces and design and focused in particular on the rapid pace of change of the world of the future, defined by keywords such as customisation, craftsmanship, digitalisation and sustainability. In particular, the speakers noted that the future will be prevalently urban, with living spaces where personal identity is redefined.

Along with representatives of local institutions, participants in the trend talk included trendwatching and design experts such as Elena Marinoni, Head of Trend Research at, a consultant in innovation processes for leading company and a university lecturer; Gianluca Gimini, a lecturer and designer with a multidisciplinary approach to a range of design fields from process design to communication; Amy Hendry, a trend specialist for WGSN, a world leader in market, consumer and design trend analysis and forecasting; and Emilio Lonardo,  a writer, designer and lecturer at Milan Polytechnic who works in a number of fields from interior design to strategic design.

The talk was moderated by Pamela Albanese, Marketing and Communication Manager at Tosilab.