Revamping 4.0, a conference organised by Sacmi Istanbul in Izmir


A conference entitled “Revamping kits and digital solutions for quality improvement and energy savings” organised by Sacmi Istanbul will be held on 19 July in the city of Izmir. The aim of the event is to keep the Turkish ceramic industry informed about the latest developments in the field of process revamping and digitisation with a view to improving quality and optimising energy resources.

Following introductory remarks by Stefano Donzelli, director of Sacmi Istanbul, Benedetto Spinelli from Sacmi Imola will outline the programme of the day’s events.

Daniele Baldini from Sacmi Forni, the group company which designs and builds tile dryers and kilns, will provide an overview of the energy saving solutions developed by Sacmi. This will be followed by a talk on quality improvement given by Giovanni Marnati.

In the second part of the conference, Thomas Batzel from Riedhammer will discuss dryers and kilns for the production of sanitaryware and tableware, then Gerhard Nievelle will look at thermal machines for the production of technical ceramics, another strategic sector in which Sacmi-Riedhammer has succeeded in combining the needs of efficiency and performance with solutions for reducing consumption and protecting the environment.

The conference will end with a discussion of the Industry 4.0 digital transformation process capable of creating smart factories, compact, flexible, efficient and competitive plants that respond more effectively to customers’ requirements. Massimiliano Baruzzi (Sacmi Imola HMI and MES Automation Systems R&D) will explain how solutions such as the modern Sacmi H.E.R.E. supervisor are not only capable of performing advanced monitoring and predictive diagnostic functions but are in fact integrated smart systems that interface directly with the customer’s ERP system as part of a new approach to order management, logistics and warehousing.