Technological innovations unveiled in "The Acimac Notebooks"


"The ACIMAC notebooks" is the name of a new series of technical/application manuals aimed at technicians in the ceramic sector. They are produced by the Italian ceramic plant and machinery manufacturers' association Acimac, which has long been at the forefront in the field of technical manuals (the first volume was published in 2000) and is now launching a new format for greater versatility and immediacy.

The Acimac Notebooks have a tabloid format and are designed in the spirit of Instant Books with the aim of providing rapid but detailed information on technological issues of great topical interest.

The first notebook, entitled “Digital decoration of ceramic tiles”, was presented at the packed conference held on 27 May in the Forum Monzani in Modena. With over 500 ceramic industry professionals taking part, it was the most strongly attended such conference in recent years. The highly informative individual reports were followed by roundtable discussions where representatives of the leading Italian ceramic producers, machinery manufacturers, glaze and colour companies and design and consulting firms debated the issues presented at the conference.

The Notebook complements the conference and provides extensive and in-depth information on the theme of digital decoration in the ceramic industry, adopting a dual technical and application approach that aims to meet the knowledge requirements of industry professionals. Backed by the expertise of the ceramic technology supplier companies who were commissioned to write parts of the publication, it addresses the technical aspects of a rapidly evolving technology that is becoming increasingly established in the market.

The publication begins with a technical analysis written by Bruno Burzacchini and Paolo Zannini from the Italian Ceramic Society, which takes stock of the current situation and discusses application aspects that have not yet been fully solved by this technology. This is followed by articles by Antonio Maccari and Fulvio Masini from Officine Smac, Norbert von Aufschnaiter from Durst, Claudio Ricci from Sacmi Imola, Paolo Monari from System, Alessandro Cortesi from TSC, Warren Green from Jettable and Elena Knight from Xaar.

To make the publication more readily usable both in Italy and abroad (an English version will soon be available), Acimac has decided to allow it to be downloaded free of charge from the website of its publishing company, publisher of the leading international magazine Ceramic World Review.