Tecnografica Meeting 2020: “Guarda Avanti”


A new appointment looking ahead to the future of ceramics and design will begin on 22 September in Tecnografica’s showroom in Castellarano

Guarda Avanti (“Looking Ahead”) is the name of the new Tecnografica 2020 meeting due to begin on 22 September at the well-known ceramic design firm’s showroom in Castellarano (Reggio Emilia).

A great deal of thought has gone into this event because it marks the first step towards a return to normality following the global health emergency. As one of Tecnografica’s best-known slogans says, Guarda Avanti aims to reaffirm the company’s longstanding goal of forward-looking innovation.

For this purpose, the company has further stepped up its research efforts to enable it successfully respond to future trends and meet the expectations of the global market. Tecnografica’s meetings always offer an opportunity to discuss new trends in terms of styles, colours and natural surfaces for ceramic tiles.

Guarda Avanti will bring together the latest ideas and insights from the worlds of design and ceramics and will serve as a showcase of Tecnografica’s latest innovations as well as enhanced versions of classic surfaces.

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