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Basak Kiremit: higher automation, lower costs


Marcheluzzo Impianti recently supplied a plant to Turkey, a country with a very buoyant construction market.

Basak Kiremit, one of the country’s top construction materials manufacturers located in the north-western city of Eskisehir, capital of the Eskisehir Province, commissioned Marcheluzzo Impianti to supply the equipment needed to raise its roof tile production capacity.

Just one year since the contract was signed, the Basak Kiremit plant is now fully operational and has an output of more than 100,000 roof tiles/day.

Marcheluzzo’s commitment to the Turkish market is also demonstrated by the fact that it recently opened a branch in Ezmir to provide rapid support to local customers.

The plant operating at the Basak Kiremit facility has a high degree of automation and is specially designed to minimise energy consumption.

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