Heavy Clay

Bedeschi installs automated systems for Nova Sloga


Bedeschi, a historic Italian company based in Limena (PD), is continuing its technical research and launching new products onto the market, especially in the field of automation. One of the latest and most interesting projects was for the production facility of Nova Sloga (Resen, Macedonia), part of the Oranzeri Hamzali group led by Vase Mitev and a long-standing customer of Bedeschi, which in 2009 supplied the entire preparation, storage and extrusion line for hollow blocks and various kinds of floor blocks.

This latest project involved the installation of innovative systems to improve product quality and increase capacity. The order included a cutting unit and various robotic islands: one for loading green products onto the dryer car platform, two for loading dried products onto the kiln cars, and four for offloading fired products and reforming the pack on the pallet. All the islands are equipped with a number of grippers supplied by Bedeschi group member company Cami.

The order also included a VHTBED type electronic cutter designed for cutting bricks, blocks, hollow bricks, hollow flat blocks, flue liners, bases and chamfered bricks. The machine is able to perform both horizontal and vertical cuts. In the single-wire configuration the cutting length can be set directly from the control panel without the need for additional machine adjustments. The column speed checking system specially developed for the cutting machine adapts to the cutting frequency and allows the bricks to be chamfered with a high degree of precision. The machine is also equipped with electronic wire cleaning and breakage control systems.

The cut pieces are spaced immediately after the cutting stage by a system of belts driven by a brushless motor with an electronic control system.