Heavy Clay

Bedeschi secures new contract in Australia


The Limena-based company has signed a major contract with the Australian producer Brickmakers to supply cutting-edge energy-saving technology as part of an Industry 4.0 approach

Brickmakers, a leading Australian brick manufacturer, has signed a major contract with Bedeschi for the development of a dehacking line for standard and facing fired bricks with a height difference more than 300 mm.

The scope of the supply contract will include a sorting line for material preparation consisting of a layer unloading gripper and a reprogramming line that will feed three sorting lines equipped with automatic layer reforming devices. There will also be a system for overturning the ground layers and a gripper for transferring these layers onto the material transport line, from where they will be conveyed to the existing fired material pack reforming line. It is also equipped with a series of conveyor belts for evacuating second-grade product and residue extraction system to eliminate dust.

The contract also includes a new car cleaning machine equipped with an alignment system for refractory supports (draught blocks) and sized for the extraction of fired fragments larger than 3 cm. To ensure efficient management of the new unloading line, Bedeschi will also supply a series of machines for moving the cars to the new unloading gripper (fired material loads), to the new cleaning station (empty cars) and to the connection with the existing transfer unit serving the setting line.

Finally, the plant will feature an integrated supervision system compliant with the new Industry 4.0 parameters and equipped with a remote interface for controlling and monitoring all the equipment.

The project is designed to ensure energy saving and features cutting-edge technology developed through the Bedeschi team’s R&D efforts.