Heavy Clay

Bedeschi supplies automated equipment to Nexe Group


The innovative solutions were successfully installed and started up on the site in Polet (Serbia).

Nexe Group, a leading brick and roof tile manufacturer with a number of facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, is continuing its decades-long collaboration with Bedeschi.

Business relations between the two companies began with the supply of several plants for the cement works in Nasice, Croatia and has continued with various shipments of machinery for the production of clay bricks and blocks.

Nexe Group recently commissioned the Limena, Italy-based company to supply a series of automations for the Polet factory in Novi Becej in Serbia specialising in roof tile production. The innovative solutions were successfully installed and started up in recent months to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

The plant was developed following a detailed feasibility study to improve the loading/unloading of roof tile support frames into the dryer cars with the aim of reducing maintenance work. For this purpose, two robots equipped with special grippers and double forks capable of loading the car over its full height were installed.

The project also included a system for separating the tiles from the packs which is equipped with suction cups and an innovative vacuum pump and adapts to any kind of roof tile with minimal mechanical adjustments.

The scope of supply also included the new forming line for packs of dried products to be loaded into the U-setters and a new fired roof tile packaging plant with a quality control system and pack reforming line included.