Heavy Clay

Bongioanni Stampi in Europe


Bongioanni Stampi is seeing clear signs of recovery in the European market, where it has won major contracts to supply extrusion dies for wall blocks and innovative moulds for roof tiles in a number of countries.

It has delivered numerous Omega and GammaPlus extrusion dies to Romanian brick manufacturers located in Sighisoara, Targu Jiu, Doicesti and Biharia, along with the additional service of studying new product geometries.

In France, where Bongioanni Stampi has always been a major partner in the roof tile sector for companies such as Koramic, Imerys and Terreal, it has also strengthened its presence in the brick segment. In particular, it has supplied the Bouyer Leroux group with Omega extrusion dies specially designed for thermal blocks and Terreal with Alfa dies for the production of special extruded roof tiles.

Manufacturers in the UK, one of the most dynamic markets in Europe, have turned to Bongioanni Stampi for increasingly wear-resistant materials. For example, a set of frames in alumina oxide for extruded bats in a specific protecting metal structure have been supplied to a company in the Manchester area. As well as maintaining the weight and dimensions of the bat over time, this solution allows the extruded bat to be protected from the extrusion tracks that occur when using other materials, and makes clay flow easier.

Last but not least, Spanish roof tile manufacturers based in Toledo, Alicante and Valencia have commissioned Bongioanni Stampi to supply the complete sets of plaster mould tools for their main tile models.