Heavy Clay

Bongioanni Stampi invests in new cutting-edge equipment


The investment, part of the company’s technological innovation strategies, will provide customers with technically more advanced and efficient products.

To maintain its leadership in the production of moulds for the brick and tile industry, Bongioanni Stampi has adopted a new Variaxis i-700 machining centre produced by Amazaki Mazak, the giant Japanese corporation operating in the field of advanced multitasking machine tools with branches worldwide.

The investment fits in with the company’s technological innovation strategies and will guarantee technically more advanced and efficient products. Ideal for machining steel moulds, Variaxis i-700 is the latest generation of technologies on the market and allows for simultaneous 5-axis machining of multiple surfaces thanks to a tilting and rotary table.

Tests have revealed major advantages in terms of processing speed and product quality, as well as a considerable reduction in delivery times.

The 5 simultaneous axes allow the centre to machine parts with complex profiles on multiple faces at the same time and to create accurate graphic simulations.

Constant automatic checks guarantee maximum precision and minimal margins of error and risks of collision, as well as the need for operator intervention on the machine.