Heavy Clay

Bongioanni supplies pressure heads and extrusion dies to the Russian market


A growing number of Russian clay product manufacturers are choosing Bongioanni Macchine as the technical partner for their extrusion departments

Bongioanni is strengthening its position in Russia, a market that is increasingly attentive to product quality, with the development of a series of products specially designed for extrusion departments.

With the aim of offering its customers a wider range of products capable of meeting their increasingly specialised needs, Bongioanni has designed Gamma Plus type special modular conical extrusion dies with cores made of alumina oxide, while all the other wear parts are made of steel with a high-thickness chromium plating.

Recent supplies of pressure heads and extrusion dies cover all the main sizes present on the Russian market, namely smooth semi-solid façade panels (0.7NF – 0.9NF – 1NF); semi-solid products with grooves (2.1NF) and interlocking blocks (10.7 NF – 11.2NF – 14.3NF).

The supplied extrusion devices are specifically designed to guarantee excellent clay product quality and to facilitate operation and maintenance.