Heavy Clay

Brikston maintains growth in times of crisis

Iulian Mangalagiu, Brikston's CEO

Brikston Construction Solutions was founded 50 years ago in Iasi, Romania, and developed its business in the construction materials market, specialising in clay bricks and blocks.

From 1967 (the year of its foundation) to 2010, the company underwent a number of transformations and plant upgrades with the aim of increasing production capacity and improving the aesthetic and technical characteristics of its products, including compressive strength and heat conductivity.

Since 2007, a focus on investments has been a cornerstone of the company’s strategies, enabling it to maintain corporate growth even through the worst periods of crisis. This demonstrates that with modern management and good strategic decisions it is possible to expand even in times of recession.

"The first important technological upgrade was in 2006 when we purchased a modern production line with a capacity of 350 tons/day supplied by Capaccioli, Haendle, Tecnofiliere and OMS" - Iulian Mangalagiu, the company’s CEO and one of the people who have made the biggest contribution to its growth, told us. "After just three years and an investment of 30 million euros, a new line that reached full-scale operation in 2010 increased production capacity to 1100 tons/day. One of our priorities is to continue to improve quality while at the same time developing ever more efficient production techniques. The main areas of technological improvement currently include an increase in efficiency of production lines and the management of raw materials and extruder dies, which have been supplied for more than 10 years by the Italian firm Tecnofiliere."

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