Heavy Clay

Ceipo: Designer roof tiles and sunscreens, combining aesthetics and functionality


For more than 40 years Ceipo has been operating in the field of fired clay products, combining the unique characteristics of Tuscan clay with Italian design and technology and a large dose of creativity

Founded in 1978 by Franca Poggiani and Silvano Cei, who continue to lead the company, Ceipo produces terracotta and porcelain stoneware sunscreen elements, porcelain stoneware façade elements, glazed roof tiles and handmade terracotta items.

The company exports its products to more than 30 countries around the world and is renowned for its high capacity for customisation and ability to meet even the most challenging and original requests: any given project may consist of several dozen different elements and shapes.

“This has given us the opportunity to collaborate frequently with some of the world’s most famous architectural firms” - says Chairman Silvano Cei - “We are strongly committed to research and design to ensure that our products remain unique and recognisable over the years.”

An issue very much felt is that of the environment: all the waste clay is returned to the production system and fired scraps are reground. The plant is equipped with water and glaze recirculation systems and a photovoltaic system for self-generation of electricity.