Heavy Clay

Cosmec expands its global presence


Expansion of the sales network and the high level of technological expertise have enabled the Verona-based company to strengthen its international presence

During 2019, Cosmec has strengthened its position in the international heavy clay industry.

By expanding its sales network, the Verona-based company has boosted sales of its technologies in almost all continents. Along with a fair number of remodelling projects (automations, kilns and dryers) in Latin America, the United States, Central Europe, Russia and the Far East, Cosmec is also currently delivering two complete turnkey plants. The first, in Algeria, will be devoted to the production of hollow bricks as well as floor blocks and special products for wall and ceiling insulation, while the second will be installed in Colombia, where assembly work has already begun.

The Colombian plant will be the most modern in the country and will use a highly versatile semi-rapid tunnel dryer to produce around 16 different types of heavy clay products. “Cosmec’s success is largely attributable to the expertise of our highly qualified team of technicians and engineers who can boast many years of experience in the heavy clay sector,” commented Cosmec’s  EO Giovanni Rorer. “These professionals have worked for leading companies that have written the history of the industry such as Morando Impianti, Ipa Group, Piccinini and Laterforni. The latest new arrival is Mr. Pierangelo Bonello, a former technical manager at Morando Impianti and Ipa International, in the role of consultant and expert in kiln and dryer design.”