Heavy Clay

Cosmec wins two orders in Peru


Ladrillos Lark and Grupo Ceramicos Fortaleza choose Cosmec automation to improve the efficiency of their production facilities.

Cosmec (Verona, Italy) recently won two orders to supply process automation equipment to the Peruvian market, thereby strengthening its strategic presence in a country where it is helping to revolutionise the sector’s industrial processes.

Following the installation of a new robotic line for stacking dry products, hollow blocks, loadbearing bricks and floor blocks in 2014, the well-known Peruvian clay brick producer Ladrillos Lark placed a further order with the Italian company for fired product unloading equipment. The fully automated system is due to be installed in the first few months of 2019 and will include a gripper capable of offloading a complete section of products from the kiln car. Alternatively the material can be deposited on a fixed metal platform or truck bed, after which it is sent to the warehouse for packaging. Exploiting its four decades of experience in the sector, Cosmec has succeeded in automating both the setting line and the fired product unloading line starting out from the existing semi-manual system. The Peruvian customer was so pleased with the results that further supply agreements are now being negotiated.

Another major order concerns the factory of Grupo Ceramicos Fortaleza, which has purchased a complete 1,000 tonne/day automation plant from Cosmec. The order includes an innovative automated fired product offloading system equipped with automatic systems for packaging and if necessary for loading packs directly on trucks. This is one of the largest systems of its kind ever installed in Peru.  The project is an integral part of a comprehensive factory renovation plan which began with the supply of a rapid rack dryer, a complete pre-cutting and cutting solution, a line for dry product management and programming and the 3-head setting machine. The packaging line is equipped with horizontal and vertical strapping systems and a cold nylon wrapping system. The gripping system features special grippers designed to solve product handling and gripping issues.