Heavy Clay

EuroPoroton doubles its capacity in Romania


The company has installed the second production plant supplied entirely by Marcheluzzo. Total capacity now stands at 1,000 tons of blocks per day

EuroPoroton, based in Biharia (Bihor county), sixteen years after the start-up of the first line, embarked on a new industrial expansion project that involved the installation of a second fully automatic, flexible and energy-efficient production plant. Total capacity now stands at 1,000 tons of blocks per day, with the capability to produce several types of products simultaneously.

Both lines were supplied entirely by Marcheluzzo S.p.A., which was responsible for design, construction, installation and commissioning covered all areas of production.

The complexity of the project complete with cutting-edge technology and rapid after-sales service has further strengthened Marcheluzzo S.p.A.’s reputation as a reliable, solid partner capable of supplying customised solutions for any production requirement.

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