Heavy Clay

Facing bricks conquer the world of interior design


SanMarco Terreal recently launched Habitat, the new interior cladding line aimed at the world of retail and furniture design.

In keeping with the new trend of using brick for alternative applications such as interior design, SanMarco Terreal is presenting its new Habitat line of interior claddings with innovative textures and colours at the exhibition Klimahouse19.

A traditional material with an exceptional capacity for innovation, clay is ideally suited for modern lifestyles while maintaining its identity. Innovative sizes and colours lend dynamism to facing bricks and allow enormous freedom of installation for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

At the show, Habitat attracted great interest from both consumers and contract furnishing professionals, who are always highly attentive to developments in traditional materials as a way of lending exclusivity and prestige to interiors.

Davide Desiderio, Corporate Image & Communication manager at Terreal Italia, gave us further details about the design concept, functional advantages and potential uses in interior design.

Read the interview published on Brick World Review 1/2019