Heavy Clay

Faveker inaugurates a new complete plant for extruded ceramic


One of the world's biggest and most advanced for this product type, the new plant was supplied by Sacmi and produces ventilated facades and extruded porcelain steps.

Faveker Architectural Ceramics, a leading Spanish producer of ventilated façade systems and extruded ceramic elements for outdoor use, has inaugurated a new SACMI EXTRUDĘ·D TILES brand complete plant in its factory in Alcorisa in the Aragona district.

The line will be used to produce very high quality porcelain products (extruded ventilated façades and large format steps) combining high mechanical strength with low maintenance and ease of installation.

All stages of the line have been equipped with dedicated quality control solutions, while logistics and plant flows have been redesigned to maximise efficiency and minimise consumption (as much as 15% lower than with a traditional configuration).

The close teamwork between the two companies continued uninterruptedly despite the difficulties caused by the global pandemic and the consequent travel restrictions, allowing installation and start-up to be completed on time to the full satisfaction of the customer who can now boast the largest and most modern factory in existence for the manufacture of this type of product.

Faveker is a Samca Group brand and a subsidiary of Gres de Aragon, a longstanding Sacmi customer which had already purchased an extrusion plant in 2017.