Heavy Clay

High-efficiency production in the Republic of Moldova

Serghei Goras

Macon (Chisinau Building Materials Plant) is one of the largest building materials producers in the Republic of Moldova.

Located in the capital Chisinau, it supplies a wide range of clay bricks - most notably the high energy performance 3E block - as well as expanded clay and pressed vibrated cement flooring products. The facility uses the latest production plant to achieve high levels of quality and production capacity. The company has around 420 employees and in October 2015 celebrated 116 years of operation.

Macon was set up in 1899 operating with a seasonal basis – says managing director Serghei Goras - it was rebuilt and reorganised several times over the years, but it was only after being privatised in 1994 that it underwent a real process of development. Today Macon is a large industrial complex built on a 180,000 sq.m site and equipped with cutting-edge production processes”.

"The crisis that began in 2008 led to a 30% contraction in the brick and tile sector, but we succeeded in maintaining a certain degree of stability in its financial results. 2015 closed with a total turnover of 10.6 million dollars, 10% up on 2014, and stable profits".

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