Heavy Clay

Innovation 4.0 from SanMarco creates PARAMETRIC terracotta


At the latest edition of MadeExpo (Milan, 8-11 March 2017), SanMarco unveiled PARAMETRIC terracotta, the new clay cladding concept based on a partnership with PoPlab (Performance Oriented Prototyping Fabrication Laboratory), which developed the concept algorithms, prototypes and moulds.

It consists of forms with an innovative design that make up geometric textures for cladding buildings, a parametric system with an innovative design that can be applied to roofs, walls or floors in both interiors and exteriors. The new product is produced in soft mud square panels (30x30 cm) and in two families (PAt01 and PAt02) with four different versions (of which three are three-dimensional and one is two-dimensional).

The folding patterns gradually increase in frequency and height to form façades that vary according to the light and are capable of increasing indoor living comfort throughout the entire year. The folds reduce summer temperatures through self-shading and increase the surface area so as to capture a greater quantity of sunlight during the winter. PARAMETRIC terracotta is part of the "Innovation 4.0 SanMarco" project bringing together tradition, experience and digital technologies in manufacturing.