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Life Superhero is now online


The European project devoted to the promotion of ventilated and permeable roofs will provide continuous updates on the state of progress of activities

Now officially online, the Life Superhero project www.lifesuperhero.eu is designed to promote the use of ventilated and permeable roofs as an effective solution for climate adaptation and mitigation that delivers strategic synergies and benefits in terms of environmental protection.

It is a responsive platform with search engine optimised content and links to the major social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Along with sections regarding goals and expected results, the new virtual space has a page devoted to news and events and a newsletter section where users can sign up to receive exclusive content delivered straight to their inboxes. The website will also publish news on energy efficiency in the building industry in the form of a blog containing articles and insights for users with a professional or personal interest in building sustainability.

The Life Superhero project involves the participation of 10 partners representing business, academia and the institutions in Italy, France and Spain. In addition to the Centro Ceramico, the consortium members also include Confindustria Ceramica, HISPALYT (Spanish brick manufacturers’ association) and three manufacturers of brick roofing elements: the Italian company Industrie Cotto Possagno and the French firms Edilians and Terreal (the latter participates through its Italian branch). The scientific partners are the Polytechnic University of the Marche (Italy) and the Centre Technique de Matériaux Naturels de Construction (France), while the institutional organisations involved include ACER (Azienda Casa Emilia Romagna, Italy) and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.