Heavy Clay

Mazarron chooses Marcheluzzo for the fourth time


Mazarron Ceramicas (Toledo), a leading Spanish group operating the construction materials sector, has chosen Marcheluzzo Impianti as the supplier for its technological investment projects for the fourth time in 15 years.

The commission concerns the transformation of a pressed roof tile plant into a modern production line equipped with latest-generation technology at the Mazarron Tejas factory. The existing single-layer kiln will be replaced by a new single H-cassette firing system with a length of 190 metres and width of 7.5 metres.

The kiln is designed to reduce heat consumption and will be capable of firing at high pressures, guaranteeing uniform, high-quality firing with a cycle of around 14 hours.

The order also includes automated loading and unloading systems with cassette cleaning based on the packaging lines installed in 2008. Additionally, it covers reorganisation of the handling system for the lateral pre-kilns, the kiln line and raw materials storage.

The overall design of the new system has taken several variables into account, including the various types of roof tiles and the way they are placed on the cassettes, the shape of the refractory cassettes and their supports and the design of the kiln cars according to the firing cycle.

The plant is scheduled to begin production in late 2016.