Heavy Clay

Mazarron Teja expands its plant and focuses on flexibility and efficiency


Maximum manufacturing flexibility in size changeovers and mould replacement; product handling with practically zero wear on mechanical parts; and advanced solutions for recovering the kinetic energy in the press to bring considerable energy savings: these are the distinctive characteristics of the new line installed by Sacmi Heavy Clay at Mazarron Tejas, a well-known Spanish brick and roof tile manufacturer based in Numancia de la Sagra, province of Toledo.

The main part of this order consists of solutions for the pressing department with the installation of a third two-mould press specially configured for integration with the existing dryer loading/unloading system.

Thanks to the new RAT drying platform control system with a production capacity of 6,000 roof tiles per hour, the line can be managed according to criteria of maximum flexibility in terms of both size changeover and mould replacement. Moreover, the ability to operate with one, two or three presses simultaneously means that operators can carry out work on machines in absolute safety without having to shut down the line.

The platform conveying system, equipped with high-resistance straps with a strong grip on the metal frame, has also been made much more efficient, minimising frame-strap chafing and virtually eliminating wear of the belt itself. Furthermore, maintenance costs have been reduced even further thanks to the new Siemens S7 1500 PLC automation control system, a technology that eliminates the use of mechanical manoeuvring components and allows for network (ProFinet) control of all drives.

Substantial energy savings have been obtained thanks to the innovative regenerative inverter installed on the press control. This recovers kinetic energy during motor braking, so instead of being wasted as heat, the energy is converted back to electricity. This brings press operation savings in the region of 16 kW/h.