Heavy Clay

Sabo carries out upgrade project at Ladrillera La Clay


In coordination with the parent company Sabo in Greece, Sabo Impianti Brazil has been commissioned to carry out a major technology revamping project at the Ladrillera La Clay factory in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. The project involves refurbishing the dryer car loading/unloading line and connecting it to the robotic kiln car setting machine installed by Sabo in 2015. That first modernisation project enabled the company to increase its production capacity to 600 tons/day over two 8-hour shifts.

Automation of the previously manual dryer car loading and unloading operations has resulted in a 30% increase in production capacity. Sabo has also redesigned the dryer cars to enable a larger number of pieces to be loaded. The new system results in improved production quality together with high efficiency and consequently cost cutting.

The increase in production will enable Ladrillera La Clay to meet the growing demand for brick in Colombia and especially in Cartagena de Indias, a tourist city on the Atlantic coast which is expanding its accommodation capacity with the construction of new hotels while at the same time pursuing social housing projects.