Heavy Clay

Sacmi-Cosmec supplies new complete plant to Tunisia


Sacmi-Cosmec has completed a major sale to Tunisian firm Ideal Brique, which recently installed a complete plant for the manufacture of 1,000 tons of fired product a day. The plant, the largest in terms of size and output capacity ever built in Tunisia, was tested and started up in record time, much to the satisfaction of the customer company.

This large, diversified Sacmi-Cosmec order involved modernisation of the kiln department and a complete overhaul of all existing automation, from cutting, loading and unloading of the dryer to stacking and unloading of the fired product (including a fully automated truck loading system). The firm’s flagship products (the line is already running at full capacity as regards the products B8, B12, Hourdis and Platrierre) are its floor blockwork packs, which the renewed Ideal Brique plant can configure in three different ways to meet all the industry’s production and commercial requirements.

This ambitious project sees Sacmi-Cosmec gain a strategic customer in the extremely dynamic North Africa area, the focus of the Sacmi Group Heavy Clay Division’s growth and development prospects. At the same time, the Tunisian firm has become a leading player in the local market. Following several plant engineering successes in the Maghreb region, the Sacmi Group aims to meet growing local demand for complex, high quality and hi-tech heavy clay products. It is also able to provide local industry with rapid technical support and assistance.