Heavy Clay

Sacmi opens new Industry 4.0 plant in Algeria


At Touggourt in Algeria, Sacmi has inaugurated a new complete plant for Ganouba Briqueterie, a leading company in the region that is renowned above all for its innovative business approach and strong focus on new technology.

Based on intense design work by Sacmi Heavy Clay in conjunction with its technical laboratory and ceramic divisions, the new plant is the only one of its kind in the country and responds to Industry 4.0 criteria.

It combines technology with innovative services, local training and planned maintenance, aided by advanced supervision and plant management software as well as product and factory certification. Designed to produce 600 tonnes/day of first-class fired product (B8, B12, Hourdis and other innovative products currently undergoing experimentation), the plant is equipped with programming and automation lines featuring robots built by Cosmec, the Sacmi Group company with over 50 years’ experience in heavy clay automation and handling.

Sacmi has also supplied all the technology needed to ensure maximum efficiency, quality and low energy consumption, including the rack dryer equipped with cutting-edge solutions and finishes such as special acid-resistant materials that maximise the durability and reliability of parts exposed to moisture.

Lower energy consumption is a particularly important factor in the firing department thanks to the new Sacmi tunnel kiln, which features innovative heat recovery systems to optimise firing curves and consequently fired product quality.

The kiln is likewise built entirely from acid-resistant materials to preserve the durability of its inner refractory elements and is specially designed according to the specific characteristics of local clays, which are particularly aggressive in terms of acidity and may damage key kiln components. The plant is also equipped with workplace safety systems in compliance with the strictest continental standards.