Heavy Clay

Tecnofiliere completes major orders for Sarl Bmal and Eurl Batl


Tecnofiliere, a longstanding supplier to the well-known Algerian group Amouri, has supplied the entire shaping department for the two new production facilities Sarl Briqueterie Moderne Amouri Laghouat (Sarl Bmal) and Eurl Briqueterie Amouri Toufik (Eurl Batl). The two plants, built in the city of Laghouat where the group’s two historic brickworks (Sarl Bal and Sarl Facmaco) are also located, are both equipped with a double extrusion line.

The large scope of supply included a latest-generation TF1000 EVO FC die-washing machine, two pressure heads, fourteen dies for the production of the most popular sizes in the Algerian market -B8 (100x200 mm) and B12 (150x200 mm) hollow blocks - as well as various parts and accessories, including a durometer for monitoring extrusion pressure.

Special attention has been focused on the materials used, which are designed to guarantee extremely high wear resistance given the highly abrasive nature of local clays. Further key factors include precision of mechanical construction, attention to detail and on-site technical service.

The type of dies supplied (TFE-J EVO) reflect the need to respond to increasingly specific market requirements and the demands of customers seeking high product quality together with simplicity of use and maintenance. The TFE-J EVO dies maintain the benefits of extrusion with the wide-exit system. This allows the output cross-section of clay body to be increased and considerably raises hourly production capacity while significantly reducing energy consumption.

The Amouri Laghouat group, led by the brothers Toufik, Samir and Lakdhar Amouri, has been operating since the early 2000s in a range of sectors, most significantly heavy clay.