Heavy Clay

Tecnofiliere unveils new corporate video


The highly effective communication video offers an overview of the company’s activities and presents Italian-made innovation for the brick and tile industry.

Research, innovation and quality are the three concepts behind the Tecnofiliere company mission presented in the new corporate video now online on the YouTube channel.

The video takes customers on a virtual tour of the company, sharing with them the activities, developments, technological innovation and operational efficiency at the service of the brick and tile industry.

One of the key concepts that Tecnofiliere aims to convey with the new video is that of in-house production. All products (dies, pressure heads and various accessories for the extrusion process) are made entirely within the company using strictly controlled and certified materials.

This means maintaining direct control over the various stages of the design and production process and over materials, devoting attention to detail and resolving problems rapidly so as to guarantee long-lasting and high-quality products.

The new corporate video also highlights the company’s ability to provide customers with tailor-made solutions designed and built to meet specific needs.

The company has a highly specialised technical team and a strongly international outlook, exporting 95% of its output to more than 70 countries worldwide.