Heavy Clay

Tecnopress supplies press to Bangladesh


Tecnopress is continuing its expansion in the world’s most important markets. After consolidating its partnership with the Chinese ceramic group Wonderful, the Fiorano Modenese-based company has now fulfilled an order in Southeast Asia, installing and commissioning a Brick series press at the production facilities of Sunshine Bricks in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

The press has a force of 600 tons and is used for the production of high-thickness solid and hollow bricks in accordance with local standards. The supply contract was carried out locally by the Tecnopress technical staff and is completed by a powder filling carriage for extra-thick products, an extra-large hydraulic ejector and a microprocessor-controlled automated system which allows for remote assistance via the web.

In addition to the HB600 model, Tecnopress also produces presses with a force of 1,000 tons (HB1000),  which can be fitted with mechanical or isostatic dies depending on requirements. The press is suitable for bricks, roof bricks, customised bricks and trim pieces made of refractory material, as requested by the customer.