Heavy Clay

Terracotta and glass in the new Exagon collection from SanMarco


Two age-old natural materials complement each other as part of a new interior design project

A unique combination of craftsmanship and industrial technology, the new Exagon collection from SanMarco brings together two age-old natural materials: terracotta and glass.

The first is dense, solid, earthy and opaque, the second diaphanous, light, delicate and transparent.

The material’s delicate consistency allows it to be freely installed with unusual geometric patterns similar to the look of mosaic and free decorations. This makes Exagon ideal for bringing a touch of exclusivity to the interiors of homes, hotels, shops, museums, offices and public spaces in general.

With its perfectly hexagonal shape, Exagon is available in five colours in both the terracotta and glass versions: Bianco di Carrara, Nero Lavico, Oro Brillante, Rosa del Deserto and Cortèn. This highly innovative colour palette meets the needs of contemporary living and allows for unlimited colour combinations.