Heavy Clay

The Architecture and Design Notebooks (QAD) from Terreal Italia


The new communication tool aimed at architects and designers will explore projects carried out using Terreal Italia products.

Terreal Italia is presenting the “QAD Quaderni d’Architettura e Design” (Architecture and Design Notebooks), a new communication tool aimed at architects and designers and consisting of short thematic articles based on images and descriptions of recent projects.

The Notebooks offer an up-to-date picture of building work carried out using Terreal Italia materials, divided up into categories of public or private architecture. New individual buildings, entire redeveloped neighbourhoods, refurbished disused areas, public monumental buildings and social housing projects paint a picture of rapidly-evolving cities and the new architectural languages in which brick plays a key role in terms of innovation in design and architecture.

Following the launch of the first three issues (The sustainable lightness of clay; Shopping centres; Renovating interiors in keeping with tradition), the series will be published monthly and will feature projects spanning hotels, churches and other places of worship, traditional, modern and futuristic Italian roofs, energy retrofitting, aesthetic renovation of the existing building stock, new social housing and much more.