Heavy Clay

Ulku Kiremit chooses a bucket excavator from Capaccioli


The new ETL bucket excavator supplied by Capaccioli is undergoing testing at the factory of Ulku Kiremit, a leading Turkish manufacturer based in Salihli/Manisa.

The cutting-edge excavator supplied by Capaccioli was designed and built entirely in Italy and is capable of extracting raw materials from storage facilities with the utmost efficiency and practicality.

Key construction characteristics include the electrical control panel and the carriage built from welded steel profiles and complete with wheels for sideways movement. The hydraulically controlled arm is equipped with buckets and rippers and is driven by motors with supports controlled by an automatic tensioning chain.

The main arm lifting system is controlled by hydraulic pistons which ensure automatic speed control and the total absence of phase shift during the excavation process. The loading and unloading zones are automatic and equipped with control and safety sensors.