Heavy Clay

Wienerberger clay products classified as best practices by Legambiente


Wienerberger products obtained using recycled materials have been included by Legambiente amongst the best recycling practices in the construction sector.

In the Recycle Monitor Report entitled “The circular economy of the construction sector”, published in June this year, the environmental association sent out a clear message: the future of construction depends on good practices from the standpoint of environmental innovation.

The report analyses the changes already in progress in the building sector and illustrates projects carried out in Italy and abroad that testify to the real possibility of reducing the impact on ecosystems. One of these is the Casanova EA8 Social Housing project in Bolzano which saw extensive use of Wienerberger clay products. To build the 85 dwelling units divided into three blocks, clay products containing 20% recycled and reclaimed materials were used.

As required by the Minimum Environmental Criteria introduced in the new Procurement Code, all Wienerberger clay products made in Italy contain at least 10% recycled material out of the total weight of the product.