Heavy Clay

Wienerberger presents Porotherm BIO PLAN 30 T - 0.09


The successful formula adopted for Porotherm BIO PLAN 30 T - 0.09 combines high thermal performance with a thickness of just 30 cm. This new product from Wienerberger was unveiled during the twelfth edition of Klimahouse Bolzano, an event devoted to sustainability and innovation in building.

The new product in the Porotherm BIO PLAN T - 0.09 range was developed to meet the needs of the construction sector in the field of renovation and energy remediation of buildings. Unlike blocks with thicknesses of 38 cm and 45 cm (solutions for nearly zero energy buildings with single-layer walls), Porotherm BIO PLAN T - 0.09 improves the performance of masonry envelopes combined with exterior insulation systems, increasing thermal performance by more than 30% (for the same thickness of insulation) compared to a classic modular block installed with traditional mortar.

This is the result of a U-value of 0.28 W/m²K and thermal conductivity λ of just 0.09 W/mK. It is also possible to achieve a U-value of 0.18 W/m²K while guaranteeing greater breathability of the wall by combining Porotherm BIO PLAN 30 T - 0.09 with Porotherm Revolution, the insulated clay cladding that brings together in a single product the advantages of insulating materials such as rock wool or perlite with those of clay.

Alongside energy benefits, this solution also reduces the overall dimensions of the wall (the thickness of the insulation is reduced from 18 to 10 cm), while the surface mass of the block (266 kg/m2) ensures excellent performance in terms of thermal wave phase shift. The inertia of the block enables it to dampen external temperature peaks so as to maintain a constant temperature inside the building and ensure maximum comfort even in the summer.