Heavy Clay

Wienerberger trusts in Bongioanni expertise for its new-generation roof tiles


Bongioanni Stampi has played a major role in the design and development of the innovative Wienerberger roof tiles, launched in 2019 to facilitate the work of construction professionals.

These traditional-looking tiles incorporate a number of unique features to improve weather resistance and ease of installation on roofs across Europe.

The tiles in question are Stormpan Vario 18 produced in the Belgian factory in Pottelberg, Romane made in Seltz, France, and OVH Vario and VHV Vario manufactured at the Dutch site of Narvik Deest.

Thanks to Bongioanni Stampi’s sophisticated design and prototyping system, the tiles were developed in a short timeframe while meeting all the manufacturing standards requested by the Belgian group.

By using 3D files, it was possible to ensure high standards of precision for the entire range of accessories which are now part of Wienerberger’s top quality range along with the tiles. The commission confirmed Bongioanni’s role as a strategic partner for Wienerberger projects, further cementing an already long-standing relationship.