I-Tech launches Intellytile BS


Intellytile BS is the newly launched artificial vision system from I-Tech for quality control and graphic inspection of large unfired ceramic tiles up to a maximum size of 160x320 cm.

This Intellytile upgrade has the capability to detect mechanical defects (holes, cracks, chipping) and printing and graphic defects (stains, drops or decorative defects) on larger surfaces than ever before, without the need for continuous setup and with significantly improved production efficiency. The new model uses artificial neural networks to identify templates and defects and is therefore an excellent solution for monitoring a wide range of finished product characteristics relating to geometry, shape, colour and graphics, even in the case of very high production rates.

Installed on the line immediately after the inkjet printer, it is equipped with a very high resolution (4K) linear camera capable of rapidly scanning the tile surface illuminated by dedicated LEDs and reporting any errors found.

The scan can be displayed on any screen, even remotely, while a second larger monitor can be added to the system for improved supervision. I-Tech technology allows Intellytile BS to rapidly learn new production settings without having to be reprogrammed each time.

The software is capable of dynamically learning the type of graphic design used, identifying the number of possible faces and adapting its algorithms to automatically detect any defects, thereby guaranteeing considerable time savings for operators.