Adjustment of Exhibition Period for 26th CeramBath: October 18-21, 2015


After 13 years of development, Foshan CeramBath has attracted more and more international buyers from all over the world as its internationalization has further enhanced.

As China's economy has entered a period of new normal, ceramic industry is confronting with the opportunities and challenges of transformation and upgrading, raising new requirement to the organization of the fair.

The exhibition period of internationally renowned fairs is normally four days, therefore adjustment of CeramBath's exhibition period to October 18th to 21st will be more beneficial for international buyers. Besides, as more manufacturing enterprises from Shandong, Fujian and Zhejiang join the fair, with over 120 exhibitors at the previous two sessions, the adjustment of CeramBath period will help to cut down the exhibition expenses of industrial enterprises. Meanwhile, shortened period will make positive contributions to both centralized demonstration and procurement, while at the same time strengthening the innovation of CeramBath.

The decision was taken by the Organizing Committee of CeramBath after a research among 700 exhibitors and over 6000 visitors in total during the 24th and 25th session: More than 60% of them suggested reducing the exhibition period from 5 days to 4 days. In addition, a vote was also launched in the Wechat Official Accounts named Foshan China Ceramics City Group to do in-depth investigation aiming at adjusting the exhibition dates. Eventually, 65% of respondents are in favor of tightening the date limit to four days after over a month of voting.

Upgrade Registration System- Explore the New Trend of "Internet Plus"

As the core part of the exhibition, analysis of audience data indicates the path to provide better organization of Foshan CeramBath. In previous session, CeramBath relied on manual input and analysis, putting in huge human and financial resources but outputting the less accurate data. Therefore, Internet channel like WeChat pre-registration had been introduced in the last session, enormously decreasing manual input. In the 26th CeramBath, the registration system will be upgraded by further connecting Internet with messages, website, WeChat and mails. In this way, the audience data will be accurate enough to promote the interaction between buyers and exhibitors. According to the Director of CeramBath Organizing Committee, the Organizing Committee hope to combine the exhibition theme of "New Exploration" with the new registration system to further explore the trend of "Internet plus" of exhibition.

Besides, procedures of pre-registration, exhibition services and buyer research will also be completed by the Internet. In particular, pre-registration will be based on online registration while artificial registration will be supplement. In order to strengthen the promotion of pre-registration, Organizing Committee launched a preferential activity that if audiences apply for e-tickets via the "China Ceramics City Group" WeChat account or via official website, they can enjoy a 60 percent accommodation and catering discount of Hilton Foshan and Swissotel Foshan with receipts of their e-ticket. Moreover, more and more discount information of moon cakes, accommodation and catering will be posted on the WeChat account and the official website, through which the buyers not only experience the convenience of the Internet but also receive attentive service from CeramBath. It is expected that the 26thCeramBath will reach a good result of 70% to 80% of pre-registration.