IED: innovative uses of ceramics at Tecnargilla


The Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) – the excellent international school of design, fashion, visual communication and management – will take centre stage at Tecnargilla once more.

The world’s most important exhibition of technology and supplies for the ceramic and brick industries will host the innovative projects of the IED’s students, who have imagined alternative uses of ceramic materials.

The students involved in the collaboration are those of the first-level Master’s in Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product and of the Master’s in Interior Design at the IED. The projects developed coexist harmoniously and result from thorough study of the heat-insulating and piezoelectric properties of ceramics.

The students researched two areas:  ‘Smart Mobility’ and ‘Future Retail’.

The first area was developed by the students of the Master’s in Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product through concrete analysis of the hygiene, sustainability, safety, signage and interactive qualities of contemporary public spaces and urban public transport. The theme of ‘Smart Mobility’ led to the development of six furnishing projects, interactive urban operations and accessories for personal mobility.

The second area was assigned to the students of the Master’s in Interior Design, with the aim of rethinking the commercial spaces of the future through the alternative use of ceramics. This was all carried out with the current trends in the sector in mind, such as reduction in spaces (domestic, commercial), interactivity with pre-purchase online retail, the need for the sustainable development of temporary structures and structures featuring low energy consumption. The theme of ‘Future Retail’ takes on concrete form in spaces for storing fresh food with no energy consumption.



  1. Ceramic Skin - Students: Natasya Handajuwana, Joy Tchamitchian, Shivang Malhotra, Lia Lasareishvili
  2. MultiCOOL - Students: Natasya Handajuwana, Joy Tchamitchian, Shivang Malhotra, Lia Lasareishvili


  1. Smart Pavement - Luciana Aguiar Borges, Sebastian Owczarek
  2. Light Up! Rail - Mattia Rigoni 
  3. Island Bus Stop - Marco Bonanni, Sebastian Owczarek
  4. E-YE - Guglielmo Urso
  5. Mistica - Miraida Rodriguez Muñiz 
  6. White Transport - Mattia Rigoni, Marco Bonanni 


Diana Larisa Rosioru

Graduate in Industrial Design, she completed a Master’s in Interior Design in 2012 at the IED, specialising in strategic design and strategy communication. She works freelance in various sectors and assists in IED research and development projects, passing design methodology and project communication skills on to the students.



Coordinated by: Giorgio Grandi

Degree in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and Master’s in Design and Bionic Research at the CRIED IED Milano. Architect and interior designer, he has owned GGStudio in Milan since 1997, where he deals with Internal Architecture and Interior Design (Wellness, Hospitality and Food). Contractworld Special Award 2001, the studio is responsible for the Tisana SPA_Arlate project (Best Country SPA 2011 and Best Medical SPA in the World 2012): CONDE NAST Johansens’ Best Luxury SPA in the world.   Linkedin: http://it.linkedin.com/in/giorgiograndi
Website: www.ggastudio.com


Coordinated by: Federico Chicco Ferretti

Managing Director of Continuum Milan, one of the world’s leading studios in design innovation consultancy. In more than 15 years of experience acquired with Continuum, Frog, uno : uno and Mattel, he has distinguished himself in conceiving and developing innovative products and services for many international clients such as: Allsteel, Moleskine, BIC, GM, Motorola, NEC, 3M, Pirelli, Guzzini, Sennheiser, Samsung and Haier. A graduate in Product Design at the IED, he teaches and coordinates the Professional Master’s in Product Design.

Istituto Europeo di Design

School of international excellence, completely Italian in origin, issues first-level academic qualifications and provides three-year courses, master’s programmes and refresher and specialisation courses. A factory of creativity, it trains professionals for the design, fashion, visual communication and management sectors.  Today, the IED is a continuously expanding international network with premises in Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence, Cagliari, Como, Madrid, Barcelona, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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In gallery, the projects on show at Tecnargilla 2014