SACMI quality and automation at Cevisama 2020


From 3rd to 7th February the Group will be at the Valencia Trade Fair to showcase its most important innovations for the industry. Taking centre-stage will be the full digital glazing and decoration lines and the automated sorting lines that allow for fully integrated, efficient and eco-sustainable control of production processes.

SACMI will be attending the international Cevisama fair with a stand of over 600 m2. This major event - to be held from 3rd to 7th February 2020 at the Valencia Trade Fair - brings together the world's biggest ceramic product and technology players. The world's second-biggest exporter and fifth-largest market by manufactured volume, Spain is gearing up for a 2020 in which enhanced plant and production line efficiency will be pivotal to the continued ability to intercept high-added-value market segments.

All the latest from SACMI will be showcased on stand D72 (hall N2-P7). Here, visitors will have a great opportunity to witness live demonstrations of advanced SACMI 4.0 factory solutions, from fully integrated glazing and decorating lines to automated packaging and sorting lines incorporating innovative eco-sustainability.

This edition of the Spanish fair is a crucial one. And it sees the Group focused on demonstrating its ability - as the world's leading supplier of complete plants to the ceramic industry - to guide the market by providing integrated solutions for the management of traditional products alongside cutting-edge solutions that let customers compete not just in terms of price but also high-end product innovation, quality and design.

The stand will also display two modules of the SACMI FMA+ kiln, a latest-generation machine bristling with features that reduce consumption and emissions, thus optimising the process. Needless to say, there will be a sharp focus on automation and process digitization: hence the display of a working digital decoration line, equipped with the latest SACMI DHD (wet decoration) and DDG (dry deposit of grains) solutions. Visitors to Cevisama will be able to get a close look at how various innovative graphics can be produced digitally.

The added value of SACMI Deep Digital stems from fully digital management of the production process, which spans from pressed tile finishing to factory flow control. Because individual tile-slabs are fully traceable throughout manufacturing, customers can obtain valuable process-optimising information, from body preparation to warehouse management. All thanks to HERE software for comprehensive 4.0 parameter control.

Moreover, an entire section of the stand at Cevisama will be dedicated to the presentation of highly automated SACMI sorting lines. More specifically, SACMI will be showcasing an Ekosort+ 14-arm stacker working in unison with an Ekowrap+ packaging machine, a solution that has taken end-of-line operations in the direction of sustainability and significant cardboard packaging savings. The outcome: the ability to package the most common medium-large formats (e.g. 600x600) using simple perimeter packaging instead of traditional tray solutions while continuing to ensure perfect product integrity.

Lastly, a video wall will show visitors how the SACMI smart factory operates as a whole, with realistic factory simulations being provided (in the stand area dedicated to HERE software).

The event will also be an interesting showcase for SACMI's sanitaryware and tableware manufacturing solutions. Consequently, the Group will be presenting the Spanish market its most innovative technological solutions for pressure casting and robotized glazing, applicable to all article types, even the most complex: solutions with outstanding automation and consistently high finished product quality, not to mention reduced consumption and lower maintenance requirements.

The fair will also see Customer Service play a prominent role: this latest SACMI Group division has been working in concert with the Global Network to provide a series of new services (e-spare services) and advanced assistance packages that ensure customers get close support throughout the working life of both machine and plant. All with the added value that stems from a deep-rooted local presence, provided by the 100+ technicians and sales managers at SACMI Iberica in Castellón de la Plana, one of the most experienced companies in the Group's Global Network, operative since 1981.