Successful Ending of the 25th CeramBath


The 25th China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair, Foshan (CeramBath), with the theme of "New Exploration · Best Service · Great Future", came with a successful ending on April 22nd.

As indicated by official figures, the fair collected 731 exhibitors, attracting a total passenger flow of 45999 people within five days. (Remarks: Before the 25th CeramBath, the fair passenger flow was collected by person-time due to decentralization of three venues.)

Since this session, CeramBath organizer has upgraded the whole figure system and counted the passenger flow by heads. (This means no matter how many venues someone visits, he will be counted as only one.).

Among all visitors, professional buyers of distributors and designers took up 23.2%; International buyers reached 4850 people, increasing 3% compared with the 23rd CeramBath. Regional distribution of global buyers is as follows: Asia 69.6%, Europe 7.6%, Africa 10.6%, America 8.3% and others 3.9%.

CeramBath, Foshan: "Globalization +" of China Building Ceramics

For 13 years, CeramBath has retained its position as the first ceramic exhibition in Asia and the second ceramic exhibition in the world. Its domestic exhibitors covered districts of Foshan, Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Heyuan, Zibo, Linyi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Anhui, Anyang, Hebi, Gaoan, Jingdezhen, Guangxi, etc. International exhibitors mainly came from America, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, etc. 

For 13 years, CeramBath has attracted visitors of over 2 million person-times, constructing an important platform for distributors from over 50 countries to know about China ceramics and helping establishing over 2500 ceramic and sanitary ware trading companies. By far, it has become the bridgehead of China ceramic industry connecting China and the world.

Exhibits Analysis: CeramBath Ignites New Trend of Product Category

The manufacturers of background wall tiles are increasing annually. Marble tiles were the favorite of the previous sessions and it was still hot in this session. Super flat glaze tile, wood tile, cement tile, tiling and hexagonal brick are growing popular. However, only several exhibitors displayed thin tile and mosaic in the fair. Why some of the product can be well received in the market forever? Why some of the product can be shining among others? Why some other products are just budding?

(1) Background Wall Tile: Integration of Multi-material Is King

There were more than 20 brands showcasing background wall tiles in this fair, which made the competition quite fierce and forcing them to seek for a breakthrough to survive and further develop.

The innovative material application, multi-material & multicolor integration and product specification breakthrough made the background stand out in this CeramBath.


(2) Marble Tile & Super Flat Glaze Tile: Overrun Market Desiderates Innovation.

Stone imitation tiles take up half of the total ceramic production quantity, while marble tiles occupy about 70% of the stone imitation tiles. Market capacity is rather huge and the pattern is popular among end-users.

Therefore, the distributors can earn a good profit and that's why so many companies are competing to publish marble tiles. Apart from marble tiles, super flat glaze tiles can be seen everywhere.

Companies endeavor to create market differentiation by high-end position, breakthrough in size and accessories, focusing on product design, multi-channel marketing, brand promotion and attentions for eco-environmental protection.

(3) Wood Tile: Simplicity Becomes the Trend

In the past, the manufacturers focused on restoring the genuine wood texture.

Along with the development of Ink-jet technology, many manufacturers can make the wood tiles look like real wood, thus some of product design changes from chasing the fidelity of wood grain to a much natural and simpler style.


(4) Cement Tile: A Brilliant Breakthrough Brings Something New

The surface of cement tiles changed from the revivification of cement floor to innovating with vivid color and abstract elements that make the cement tiles shining in this CeramBath, bringing new atmosphere to the ceramic industry.

Compared to last year, the attention for cement tile has increased. The attention increase was due to price adjusting and the launching of new product and new innovation that refresh the market.


(5) Hexagonal Tile and Tiling Are Growing Popular

Since the CERSAIE in 2013, the tiling and hexagonal tile have become popular gradually. It upgraded from "accessory" to "principal material". We can find them everywhere in this fair and they became the hottest product.

Surface patterns that formed by screen printing or ink-jet printing are combined with metal glaze and many other dry granules to form various patterns for tiling and hexagonal tiles. Different style of tiles can be matched together to create different style.


(6) Thin Tile and Mosaic: Fewer Exhibitors, Less Competition

There are very few thin tile and mosaic exhibitors in this CeramBath.

The reasons lie in the less acknowledge and acceptance of thin tile and narrow application of mosaic, making their domestic market less positive.

Fewer exhibitors mean less competition which surely offered opportunities for exhibitors.


In general, new vitality may be brought to the thin tile industry by product innovation, completing the product supporting & service and integrating marketing channels to raise public awareness and acceptability. However, how to adjust market location and find a breakthrough of mosaic product requires the market to verify.

Exhibitor Analysis

Almost including all the producing areas in China, there are 731 exhibitors presenting in the 25th CeramBath, 30 more than last session. The number of international exhibitors exceeds 30, mainly from Germany, UAE, Italy, Spain, USA and Japan. Famous brands appeared together in the fair, including Porcelanosa, Madrid, Borja from Spain, Gardenia Orchidea from Italy, ICOT, TOTO from Japan, Bravat form Germany, Kohler, American Standard from USA etc. New brands like Bononia, Pallace, Cabri Ceramica, Hangrui Ceramics, embraced the 25th CeramBath with a brand-new outlook.

Besides enterprises from Guangdong, exhibitors from Shandong were increasing year by year. Tongyi Ceramics and Gold Lion King Ceramics grandly presented in China Ceramics City; meanwhile, CCIH (Zibo) New Brand Pavilion, set up in Foshan International Conference & Exhibition Center, became the biggest bright spot. Brands like ZBOSS and Liyuan Ceramics from Zibo, have got a fruitful result in the 25th CeramBath.

Visitor Analysis

During 5 days exhibition, the total passenger flow of three venues reached 45999 people. Therein, the domestic professional buyers accounted for 23.2%, while the oversea buyers reached 4850, 3% up year on year. In view of the regional distribution, 69.6% was from Asia, 7.6% from Europe, 10.6% from Africa, 8.3% from America and 3.9% from other regions.