T-Finishing: the new showcase for tile finishing processes


Tecnargilla 2018 is continuing its growth. Following the successful launch of the green product and technology section Greentech, the world’s most important show for the ceramic and brick industries is now presenting T-Finishing, an event devoted to technologies, equipment and chemicals for ceramic tile finishing processes.  

At a time when aesthetic quality has become the driving force behind the development of finished products and surface finishing technologies, Tecnargilla is organising a focus section for companies that offer squaring, honing and surface treatment processes capable of improving the aesthetic and functional characteristics of ceramic tiles.

It will pay tribute to the expertise of companies that have made every effort to develop technologies for improving the aesthetic quality and consequently competitiveness of products. This concept also includes large-size panels and slabs, a trend that has firmly established itself in the ceramic tile market in recent years.

Tile finishing solutions focus on enhancing design through technological development. Latest-generation plants and technologies are capable of improving performance and reliability while reducing production costs and – as in the case of the dry process – improving energy efficiency and environmental impact, a vital consideration for ceramic companies. Improvements in resin abrasives and diamond tools have delivered the best possible solutions to individual production requirements.

New specifications have resulted in simplified plant layouts, a longer lifetime of individual parts and of the line as a whole, improved local and remote control, repeatability, a healthier workplace environment and the possibility of optimising products and recycling residues.

T-Finishing will showcase the most important new developments in technical solutions and tools.