The 28th CeramBath Review


The 28th CeramBath wrapped up on Oct. 21st. Affected by typhoon and heavy rains, the 28th CeramBath, which opened from Oct. 18th, closed doors ahead of schedule at noon of Oct. 21st. According to official statistics, the four-day event attracted a total passenger flow of 48,526 from home and abroad, decreasing 2.3% compared with the 27th CeramBath in April, while up 4.1% compared with the same time last year. Among all, international visitors accounted for a steady 10.6% of the total, almost same with the last session.

CeramBath’s influence on the industry and brands, however, beat the bad weather and continued to extend its scope. In particular, with a large scale of Chinese enterprises entering the Belt and Road market, CeramBath has been playing an important role to guide Chinese ceramics enterprises to go global efficiently. In four days, CeramBath presented the spectacular development trend of Chinese ceramics industry with a series of events, including the First Pan Home Furnishing Industry Development & Cooperation on the belt and Road Forum, Sharing of Cersaie Trend 2016, New Luxury Appreciation, Global Sourcing Festival in CCC, as well as the new product releases held by the enterprises such as Dongpeng Ceramics, Trend Ceramics and Overland Ceramics in order to meet demands of the exhibitors, purchasers and visitors.

It has been 15 years since CeramBath was founded in 2002. At the first beginning, CeramBath helped Chinese enterprises construct the stage to go global with the help of Canton Fair. Today it has become the world’s 4th and China’s most influential ceramic fair. Attracting around 100 international brands from abroad, CeramBath has built a globalized platform in the true sense.

Exhibits Analysis:

Cement color begins to emerge as a significant trend. Rustic tile, marble tile and wood tile remain the mainstream. Focusing on the products of the 28th CeramBath, all kinds of products bloom together. What will be the favorite in the second half of the year? What are the new trends during this fair? Are there new concepts or new technologies? Now let’s take a look at the products in the show.

  • Cement Tile - the Superstar in this Session

Cement tile is no doubt the favorite during this session. According to incomplete figures, more than 30 brands launched cement tile during this fair. Through secondary processing, color & pattern innovation and mixture of different elements, such as stones, metal and wood element, these companies stand out among all the others.

  • Wood Tile - New Trend in the Future

Wood tile stays at wood imitation; however, the designers pay more attention to the pattern, color and technology. The more natural and colorful pattern offer the wood tile more possibilities of matching and space usage.

  • Hexagon Tile - A Maverick beyond Ordinary

The hexagon tile attracts the new generation consumers with its differentiated design and various space combinations. This time, the designers improved effectively the color and pattern through the pursuit of further perfection and processing.

  • Multi-color Tile: Overall Integral Match Springs up

The highlight of the multi-color tile in this session is that it begins to integrate into the overall design matching. It becomes the additional sale point of the whole home-decoration design, which is the new growth point in the future. And this trend is just starting to make waves in the industry.

  • Mosaic - Moving towards the Public with Individuality

With the further growth of mechanized production technology and inkjet technology, mosaic is gradually entering public view; its outstanding custom design is definitely the most special one in this market overflowed by large size tiles.

  • Marble Tile - Hot Spot with Growing Trend towards Big Sizes

Big size remains a growing trend. Many companies launched big size marble tiles in this fair.

  • Toilet - Always Smart, Expectation for New Flash Point

Smart toilet remains the buzzword this year. The toilet continues its smart journey, while the market is expecting new flash point.

  • Bathroom Cabinet - Catering to the Young Generation with its Younger Design

Catering to the young generation, the design becomes younger, simpler and more fashionable. The appearance of New Chinese style shows the attention of the companies towards the new generation consumers.

Summary: No doubt that the cement color and the cement tile draw much attention in this fair; at the meanwhile, through the big size trend and the high technology demand, we can see that the product segmentation is more elaborate and the pursuit of the perfection for the unique product becomes a market normality to gain the competitive advantage.

  • Exhibitor Analysis

In this session, CeramBath gathered 754 exhibitors, including renowned brands like Dongpeng, Marco Polo, Nabel, Arrow, SSWW, Sanfi, Bode, and QD from domestic production areas; and international exhibitors from Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, United States, Germany and Japan, etc, with world famous brands like PORCELANOSA, Marazzi, White Horse, Niro Granite, ICC, Grohe, etc.

The Close of the 28th CeramBath did not mean an end, but a new start instead. See you in the 29th CeramBath in April, 2017!