To Explore Industrial Breakthrough - Five Highlights of the 26th CeramBath


In 2015, in front of problems like excess capacity, insufficient innovation, serious homogeneity, rising costs and anti-dumping, the whole China building ceramic industry is on pins and needles.

As a professional exhibition which guides the industrial trend, the 26th China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair, Foshan will be grandly held on October 18th, bringing visitors and exhibitors with five highlights.

Highlight 1: Exhibition Period Adjusted to October 18th-21st

The 13-year-old CeramBath, which is getting more and more internationalized, will adjust its period from 5 days to 4 days, keeping pace with global standard.

Highlight 2: New VI, Uniform Exhibition Image

The VI of every session of CeramBath is designed according to the specific number, combined with the up-to-date product elements and Chinese hand-writing element, realizing uniformity of brand promotion during the fair.

Highlight 3: Registration System Upgraded--Explore the Exhibition "Internet Plus"

As an international exhibition which advances with times, the 26th CeramBath makes full use of various Internet tools, including website and we-chat pre-registration, which not only reduces visitors' time in registration, but also further gets more-precise information of visitors and buyers, which will be good for a better interaction between buyers and exhibitors.

Highlight 4: Crossover Collaboration with Various Sectors

In order to bring better exhibition experience to buyers, CeramBath has cooperated with various sectors, like Hilton Foshan, Swissotel Foshan, Red Bull and Uber, etc, to provide visitors with a series of privileges and low discounts, in food, living and transportation.

Highlight 5: Varied Theme Events

Opening of China Ceramics City Wechat Mall

During the Start-up of the 26th China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair, Foshan, China Ceramics City Wechat Mall will be activated at the same time. By using CCC Wechat Mall, ceramic manufacturers can guide customers towards offline consumption by online marketing and promotion. Besides, event and product promotion strategies could be adjusted in time according to the suggestions and opinions from online and offline buyers.

Opening of CCIH Material Selection Center

Located at the CCIH Service Center, Material Selection Center showcases the newest, most-unique and highest cost-performance products, which are fit for designers, public decoration procurers and other different groups. Meanwhile, Material Selection Center provides professional shopping guide service, multimedia product showcase and 3D showroom space display, etc.

Century Oro Ceramics Award (COCA) 2015-Creative Design Drives Wisdom Industry

Organized by China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association, co-organized by China Ceramics City Group, COCA dedicates to developing China ceramic culture, enriching cultural value of ceramic industry, expanding market space of the sector and endowing new vitality to ceramic artistic industry. It is honored as one of the cleanest awards, free of any registration fee and adopted blind voting.

Cocktail Party: Golden Night-Jazz It Up

It will be a relaxing cocktail party free of any pressure after a long day visiting various booths. The party will provide fantastic performance by a Salsa dance team and a great jazz band from Southern China, as well as cocktail and good food. Talents of this industry will be invited as guests, including international chamber representatives, CeramBath gold members, top designers, realtors and excellent exhibitors. 

International Ceramic Tile Trend Release 2016 -- The Report of CERSAIE & The Forum of Innovative Ceramic Design

Industrial professionals will release international ceramic tile trend of 2016 and analysis advanced technologies, while representatives from Italy will share pioneered design. Authoritative release from transnational team helps ceramic practitioners predict global ceramic trends and China ceramic market tendency!