Uniceramics Expo, focus on large-size slab technologies


Uniceramics Expo, the trade fair to be held in Foshan from 3 to 7 June, will bring together suppliers and buyers of plants for the production of large and extra-large size tiles

Following great efforts to bring the pandemic under control, China's economy is rapidly improving and the ceramic industry and market are consequently seeing strong growth. One of the most significant trends to have emerged in recent times is the increase in production of large size slabs in response to the surge in demand.

According to Ceramic Town Weekly, in December alone the Guangdong region witnessed the start-up of two new production lines at Monalisa Tiles, a line for the production of 6,600 sqm/day of 1600x3200 mm slabs at Hongyu Ceramics (to be followed soon by a second line), and production lines at Dongpeng, Goldmedal, New Jincheng, Shenghua and Newpearl Group.

China is planning to invest in an estimated hundred or so plants for the production of extra-large size surfaces, with installation of some of these plants potentially beginning as early as 2021.

Announced future projects include 15 new lines to be installed by Nabel, 11 lines at Monalisa, 10 lines planned by Oceano and Ruiyang, 8 lines for Dongpeng, 6 planned by Sun, 4 planned by Huashuo, beside the new plant of Guanxing.

Given these high levels of demand for equipment, with orders for presses, kilns and other equipment expected to be placed with local suppliers as early as June, the upcoming trade fair Uniceramics Expo due to be held in Foshan from 3 to 7 June will offer exceptional business opportunities. The organisers are planning a range of services to enable international exhibitors to meet local buyers even if they are unable to be physically present at the show due to travel restrictions.