2IG CORP, a new ceramic equipment distributor in the USA


Founded in 2019, 2IG CORP is based in Cookeville (TN) and is the exclusive distributor for Tecno Diamant, Bi Tecnology and Cosmac.

Founded just a year ago, 2IG CORP is a new player in the field of ceramic equipment distribution in the United States and Canada.

Set up by two Italian professionals with many years of technical and sales experience in the sector, the company is already the exclusive distributor of Tecno Diamant, Bi Tecnology and Cosmac products, as well as representing several other brands. 2IG CORP is headquartered in the northern industrial zone of Cookeville, Tennessee, where it has offices and a warehouse with spare parts and accessories worth over $500,000 and growing steadily.

As well as supplying products, it also provides a technical support service capable of meeting all needs of the local ceramic industry, from raw material processing through to spare parts for sorting lines. Following the excellent results already achieved in its first year of business, this year the company has opened a second branch in Fiorano in the Italian ceramic district, which will allow it to communicate more rapidly with materials suppliers and to expand its sales activities to markets outside North America.